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The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) is a statewide alliance of neonatal nurses within the United States. Since its foundation in 1984, it has over forty sub-chapters under its wings. To become a member of NANN-Central California Chapter (CCANN), one must also be a member of NANN as well. Annually, the cost of NANN membership is $130 and the cost of CCANN membership is only $25.


Over the years CCANN was one of the largest subchapters, but the chapter went through the struggle of membership recruitment and retention due to the economy, pandemic, member retirement and staff relocation. Despite this past year’s pandemic, CCANN has had a jumpstart in recruiting new members and retaining old members.


Angie Co, our 2021 chapter recruitment officer is downright busy and is doing a fantastic job in her membership recruitment and retention. CCANN currently has 102 members and is growing in numbers. CCANN is offering a generous discount during the pandemic. For each new member, CCANN waives the sub-chapter fee of $25. In addition, they get to attend the April 24th’s CCANN Virtual Spring Conference on NICU Nutritional Awareness for free! Group NANN membership discount was also offered: a group of three members received a $10 discount and a group of 10 members received a $20 discount. Each new member will only pay $130 instead of $200 (CCANN membership $25 + free conference $45). What a fantastic savings to allow members to join a premier professional organization of neonatal nurses!


Being a NANN / CCANN member has many benefits:


  1. Ensures professional credibility.
  2. You get to influence in advocating neonatal nursing practice regulation and policy and the health of the neonate and families.
  3. It broaden horizons by neonatal networking with a diverse group of peers, collaborating, and volunteering
  4. Continuing professional development and access to professional resources.
  5. Opportunity to receive discounts on educational events and conferences both regional and national level.


NANN gives each of its members a free subscription of the “Advances in Neonatal Care” magazine. The NANN website is also a wealth of information for evidence-based practices and updates in the care of the sick neonate. NANN has always been true to its mission statement: “To be the professional voice that shapes neonatal nursing through excellence in practice, education, research and professional development”. Building new connections is critical part in every nurses’ professional growth. Meet and learn from your peers. CCANN welcomes you to join us and be an advocate to connect with the NICU nurses in the Central Valley and experience being a part of this strong, inspirational and compassionate organization.


Become a CCANN member and get connected!


CCANN Membership Footnote: institutional benefits/May 2021




NeoNatal Handbook


Since 2008 CCANN Chapter’s inauguration, CCANN continues to maintain the goal of serving our community and bridge the gap between the various hospital’s nursing and multidisciplinary professionals in our valley. The publication of Neonatal Handbook, 6th Edition, will be used to further build the NICU knowledge, inspire and foster professional growth with a simple aim of providing excellent and safe care to the little ones that we all love to care for and work with daily. This resource book is refrained from monetizing and no copy right infringement is intended. This book is for educational purposes only and should not be used to replace medical advice, or substitution of individual institutional policies and procedures.


We gave credit to Bunnell Incorporated, CDC and for allowing us to share the Jet information and cardiac images. We are extremely grateful for NANN/ Abbott Educational Grant, and without it, the printing of this book would be impossible. Special acknowledgement and thank you to my colleagues and CCANN Advisors who never stopped, but only encouraged and supported this special project to become a reality. The Neonatal Handbook is already out for distribution for those who desire promoting professionalism and enhancing clinical growth. All CCANN members and the Spring Nutritional Conference attendees will get one free copy. We would like to extend our invitation for others to join NANN/CCANN or renew their membership. For those non-members who would like a copy, please request through Gil-Da Aum and Angie Co. Donations to cover the cost of printing can be accepted for future editions of handbook.




CCANN Core Foundation Values



We remain committed in providing innovative learning experiences to all neonatal practitioners in the Central Valley with emphasis in maintaining awareness of current scientifically research based practices.  In collaboration with our team of medical advisors, we strive for excellence in the quality of all our educational offerings. We offer Regional Conferences in the spring and fall and breakfast conferences two to three times a year.  Our website and our CCANN Newsletter, published biannually, provide information and educational resources reflecting the most current nursing and medical trend in the local, national and international sectors.



It is our mission to engage our members in resources and activities designed to increase success of multi-faceted professionals.  Through an environment of effective collaboration and evidence based practice, it is our goal to increase knowledge, improve performance and enhance professional satisfaction.



It is our goal to empower our members to be better leaders in the community and experience a committed and essential service to others.  By embracing and providing diversity, our services expand our view of the world and ourselves and come to realization that we can make a positive difference in the lives of others. 





The goal of NANN Central California Chapter (CCANN) is to serve our community and bridge the gap between the various nursing professionals. Neonatal Nurses are uniting to serve and foster professional growth with a simple goal of providing excellent and safe care to the little ones we love and work with daily.


NANN, National Association of Neonatal Nurses, is the professional voice that shapes neonatal nursing through excellence in practice, education, research and professional development.


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Please print then complete the application form and
mail to

CCANN, 8709 North Fuller Fresno CA 93720.

Make all checks payable to NANN (NANN and CCANN Fees will be combined)

SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP OFFER (For group of 10 applicants or more)

NANN $130.00 (REG. $110.00) & CCANN $25.00

Regional Conference Fees
Non-members $65
Members $45


FREE Breakfast Conferences
(1 Hour CEU per conference)


FREE Subscription to NANN Nursing Journal, Advances in Neonatal Care
(6 issues per year)


For any inquiries regarding membership and scholarship application, please email
Kamela Loo (


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If you are interested to apply for nursing scholarship or education rewards, please click on the link to Education. You must be eligible to apply. Please see Education Rewards Bank for details.