March of Dimes March for Babies Walk 2018


CCANN’s main goal is not just to be a member of an organization, but to be part of family that can make such a huge difference in the community. CCANN provides yearly fundraising, donations, knowledge, leadership, and gives back to the community.

One of the many goals CCANN is involved with is providing community services to the March of Dimes whose research everyday provides education to our neonates’ families, the medical profession, and hospitals across the states. CCANN organization involvement began with Pat Martinez, a lactation specialist at Valley Children’s Hospital and fellow member to the CCANN organization, who started the participation with March of Dimes since 2008. The March of Dimes is a national leader in promoting family-centered care in NICUs through implementation of its NICU Family Support program. Our founder Kamela Loo, CNNP of Valley Children’s Hospital, has made CCANN involved with the March of Dimes for the last ten years.

This year CCANN/ NANN took part in the 2018 March of Dimes Walkathon. The walkathon took place at Fresno Woodward Park. Over twenty members and their families participated in the event. We exceeded our fundraising goal of $ 3,000.00 and contributed a grand total of $3120.00. We did this through fundraising activities such as: T-shirt sales and a raffle for $ 100 gift cards and electronic Samsung tablet. We had tremendous help from volunteers and family members. We want to give a big thanks on the t-shirt designs from Coralee and her sister in law this year for the March of Dimes. The t-shirt this year had a print of a dog pulling a wagon with little ones aboard. Again, great job for such a wonderful design!!

Congrats to the CCANN organization in taking second place this year for the 2018 March of Dimes T-shirt design contest and participation in the dance-off against other teams. This opportunity would not have happened if it were not for all the volunteers and team members from simply purchasing a raffle ticket or taking part of selling raffles and t-shirts. Every little bit made such a big difference this year. We will continue to strive for another amazing year and continue to exceed our future goals. See you next year at the next March of Dimes Walk.











“Sometimes the Littlest Things Take Up the
Most Room in Your Heart”

By Jennifer Castaneda


March of Dimes Event: April 11, 2015

 When something grabs a hold of your heart, it changes you. It changes you in the sense that you keep thinking and thinking about it. You reflect on how exactly this “something” makes a difference in your life. Now -- imagine this “something” being a baby. Not only does that little one take up the most room in your heart, but that baby becomes your life, your soul. You would do anything and everything for your child. And that is exactly what we, as NICU nurses, do every single day. We do everything in our power to fight for our babies because they take up the most room in our hearts too.  This is also why CCANN participates in March of Dimes every year.

March of Dimes is an amazing organization that helps fund lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects, and infant mortality. Every year, CCANN teams up with the rest of the community to help fundraise and raise awareness for these babies.  This year, we were able to contribute over $5200 to the organization. We did this through various fundraising activities, such as:  teriyaki bowl sales, tumbler sales, candy fundraisers, bake sales, t-shirt sales, and raffles for gift baskets. We had an abundant amount of volunteers & even more people that came to march with us during the day of the walk. 

All in all, we are extremely honored and thankful for all the help that was received for this great project.  It was amazing to see everyone come together to help surpass last year’s goal.  We appreciate all the help -- whether it was simply purchasing a raffle ticket or taking part of the assembly line to put the teriyaki bowls together! We only hope to continue this amazing energy to continue to exceed our future goals for next year. We just have to remember – it’s the “littlest” things that count!