Chapter Fundraising

CCANN, a non- profit subchapter of NANN, is committed to life long learning of its members and guests. We are also devoted to our Chapter’s community services and advocacies in the Central Valley. In order to be better prepared, CCANN came up with ways to increase our annual revenue. Below are our fundraising activities for 2018:

Educational Conferences: Every year CCANN conducts two major Educational Conferences. One held in Spring and one during the Fall. Our conferences are an easy way for our members to earn CEU’s and the venue is very accessible. We charge the local students $30.00, $45.00 for CCANN members and $65.00 for non CANN members. The conference includes a free continental breakfast and a sumptuous lunch.

Sponsors: Our notable sponsors for this year are Mead Johnson and Prolacta. For a corporate sponsorship, a $600.00 annual fee is required. That entitles the sponsor to join us in all our CCANN events. $150.00 is mandated for an individual sponsorship. The sponsors can showcase their latest products to our nurses, respiratory therapists, physicians and students.

Vendors: Always showing their endless support to all our events are husband and wife tandem of Mrs. Bea Mendoza, owner of the Granny Bea’s Soap, a thriving local soap manufacturer in the Valley. It meant so much for CCANN to be able to rely consistently on the support of Osborne Books headed by Miss Tina Patel as its Sales Representative.

Merchandise Sales:

CCANN decided to bring new vigor to our March of Dimes winning T-shirt. We have transformed this t- shirt design and made it our official 2018 sweatshirt. The design is of numerous feet shaped into a heart. This will be in metallic pink with the word NICU underneath . CCANN sells it for $55.00 and $8.00 goes to CCANN. We will be rolling out this sweatshirt in a couple of weeks.

Gold Canyon Scented Candles
Another new fundraising idea is to sell scented candles. This endeavor is spearheaded by Aileen Leyva . For each candle sold, CCANN takes 40% of the sale price.

Raffle Tickets
Electronic gadgets always make a very enticing raffle prizes. This year CCANN raffled three latest Samsung Mini Ipads. These were raffled during our major conferences and one is to be raffled during our Annual Christmas Gala.

CCANN Membership: CCANN is the third largest NANN subchapter in the nation. Currently we have a total of 130 members and still growing. Each individual pays the organization $25.00. That is a total of $3250.00 cash flow for CCANN.


CCANN greatly appreciates all the efforts put in by our members. A big thank you to the generous donations of our sponsors and vendors.