Back -To - School Drive for Marjaree Mason Center


Do you know that Marjaree Mason Center “supports and empowers adults and children affected by Domestic violence, while striving to prevent and end the cycle of abuse through education and advocacy”? In the year of 2017-2018, Marjaree Mason Center had served 5,274 adults and 824 children and provided 56,000 night of safe housing to these clients. Additional $51,000 was spent to house emergency clients at motels when shelter at full capacity (Marjaree Mason Center, Years of Hope and Healing). Central California Association of Neonatal Nurses (CCANN) had supported Marjaree Mason Center in the past through donation of toiletries in the past few years. Once again, CCANN supported the Majaree Mason Center through the Back-To-School support under the leadership of Gil-Da Aum, Chapter Officer on August 2019. We had collected backpacks, binders, pencils, erasers, crayons, glue, index cards, rulers, reusable water bottles, safety scissors and snacks. We personally dropped off the bulk donation to Marjaree Mason Center Main Office at 1600 M Street, Fresno, CA. Our donation of small tokens will help the school year on a “positive note for the center’s children”. Thank you again for CCANN members who donated or supported this school supplies drive for Marjaree Mason Center! You had made a difference in someone else’s life.