CCANN’s 2022 Fall Conference on Neurodevelopment

On October 15th, CCANN held the in-person conference entitled, “Neurodevelopment : Blossoms in the NICU” . It was a very informative event featuring wonderful healthcare providers of the Central Valley. There were 110 people were registered for this special day at Valley Children’s Hospital and 6 CEUs were provided for attending. Breakfast and lunch were served, vendors were giving away free samples of their products, and all who attended were eager to learn!


The event began with Dr. Jimmy Lan who presented on the topic of Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH). Dr. Lan joined Valley Children’s in 2012 as a neonatologist and serves as a clinical instructor at Stanford University in the Division of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine. He began his talk regarding the fetal brain development and the germinal matrix. Most IVHs are clinically silent: 70% within the first 24 hours and 95% occur within 7 days. Dr. Lan discussed the grading system for IVH as well as cerebral ultrasound pictures showing the differences in the level of bleed. As usual, his discussion was educational and very well-received!


Next up was Dr. Milagros Silva-Colon, who joined Valley Children’s in 2020 as a pediatric neurologist. She presented on the topic of neonatal strokes. Neonatal stroke is defined as a stroke between 20 weeks gestation and 28 days of postnatal life. Dr. Silva-Colon spoke about the causes of ischemia, maternal risk factors for neonatal strokes, diagnosis by MRI or CT, the work-up, and the management. She presented multiple scans demonstrating strokes. We appreciate her taking time to speak at a CCANN event for the first time.


Discussing Neuro-Nursing Intervention was Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Dee Morris. Her inspiring talk was less to do with the medical aspect of the neurological care in the NICU, but more of the developmental and nursing aspect of taking care of the NICU patients. Dee spoke of the 5 senses: sound, smell, taste, touch, and sight, and the profound and potentially detrimental consequences caregivers have on the infant regarding those senses. For instance, she presented various decibel samples of NICU sounds so we could hear how the baby would perceive the particular sound. As Dee requested, “Dampen the noise!” This was a very thoughtful talk for all working in the healthcare field (and also those who have newborns).


Valley Children’s NICU Clinical Nurse Specialist, Jennifer Norgaard, presented on the topic of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). At the hospital, Jennifer was recently awarded the Nurse of the Year 2022 – Excellence in New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements! As an educator, she is able to teach with ease, and everyone loves to learn from her. This topic is one of her passions. She said the first cooling protocol was used at Valley Children’s in 2010. HIE is when the neonate experiences hypoxia and ischemia anytime during the perinatal period. She reviewed the definitions, the conditions that cause HIE, and CCANN’s 2022 Fall Conference on Neurodevelopment By Rose Kalebjian, RNC-NIC 12 the examination to determine if to initiate therapeutic hypothermia.


The conference concluded with Dr. Indira Chandrasekar’s lecture on neonatal seizures. Our CCANN advisor, frequent contributor and wonderful presenter to CCANN, Dr. Chandrasekar is a board-certified neonatologist at Valley Children’s Hospital. Since most neonatal seizures are subclinical, the standard of care is Electroencephalogram (EEG) neuro-monitoring. She displayed and reviewed multiple EEG seizure recordings. Dr. Chandrasekar touched on the various forms seizures can take in the neonate and causes (e.g. infection, metabolic disorders, HIE, and kernicterus).


It was so fun to get back together after several virtual Zoom conferences. Thank you to all of the presenters for an excellent and educational conference. We appreciate their participation and thorough job in giving us the latest data and research on the topic of neurodevelopment. Thank you also to the attendees – what a great turn out! We hope you can share with others to join us for our future events.


Finally, thank you to our sponsors of the event: Mead Johnson Nutrition, Prolacta Bioscience, Johnson’s Baby, Silentia, CeraVe, Dandelion, Medsource, and Ensearch. Hope to see you at the CCANN conference in the Sprin.

Lost in Translation: Little Words With Big Differences
Dinner & Learn with Dr. James Pierce


CCANN and CeraVe Skin Care Products proudly sponsored a Dinner & Learn Conference at Ruth’s Chris Steak House located in Fresno’s River Park on November 3, 2022. Our special guest speaker was Dr. James Pierce, Director of Pediatric Surgery and Trauma at Valley Children’s Health Care. He elaborated on the topic on “Lost in Translation: Little Words with Big Differences.” Over 40 healthcare professionals attended this special event. 


Dr. Pierce started his presentation on the history of the stethoscope development and how the evolution of adventitious lung sound descriptions differs from one country to another.  Similarly, he explained how the script, language preference and point of emphasis of every case differ from various health care practitioners across the field - from labor and delivery nurses to NICU/PICU nurses and, even at times, from that of Physicians. 


He presented his point with 4 surgical cases: duodenal atresia, CHPS, segmental intestinal stenosis, and a case of volvulus and malrotation. Dr. Pierce discussed the most common infant presentation, salient emergency features, possible differential diagnosis, laboratories, and radiographs requested and he had shown some actual site images after surgery. He suggested that it is pertinent for the bedside caregiver to deliver the right script and text of their assessment to the provider in order to arrive at an approprate medical diagnosis and render  timely management. 


Mr. Ken Johnson, the CeraVe regional representative in Fresno gave an update on the CeraVe line products for the babies. These products have been developed with  renowned Dermatologists that aim to hydrate and soothe every type of delicate skin. CeraVe products have been formulated with three essential ceramides: 1,3, 6-II blended with other pharmaceutically picked ingredients that would address every skin issue and concern. These ceramides are delivered through MVE (Multi Vesicular Emulsion Technology) a method that would gradually release the ceramide over extended period of time : a process that would reduce moisture loss, continuously hydrate and ultimately restore the baby’s natural skin barrier. 


In final terms - Acquiring healthy skin is not a sign vanity - but an emblem of sanity.  And CeraVe is indeed a science that goes beyond skin deep –   it’s health implications goes farther than - beauty and confidence, but every step of its initiative and indulgence is committed to a deeper “Skin-vest-ment” solutions and sensibilities.


The speaker distributed free samples of CeraVe products to the conference  attendees.




CCANN Officers Meeting


The 2023 Executive CCANN officer’s meeting happened on January 5th at Cracked Pepper Bistro located at 6737 N Palm Avenue in Fresno and was sponsored by Mead Johnson Nutrition and Pharmaceutical company. The officers used this event to plan the multiple educational offerings for the year, enhance membership recruitment and retention strategies, expansion of community service, discuss options for fundraising activities and other fine business details.




Chronic Lung Diseaase

September Lunch & Learn



CCANN members were privilege to attend the September 2022 Lunch & Learn, sponsored by Mead Johnson, at the Palms restaurant. 


Dr. Vidhi Shah’s presentation, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) in the Neonate, focused on etiology, pathology, and classifications. Highlights of her presentation included: .



Dr. Naisha Chokshi presentation, Chronic Lung Disease (CLD) Prevention Strategies, focused on risk factors, current evidence-based strategies, and safety and efficacy of corticosteroids. Highlights from her presentation included : ·