Giving Back to Our Community, 2018


Central California Chapter of NANN remains committed to community involvement by “Giving Back” to the much needed.  In the year of 2018, we participated in many community projects supporting local causes. We have also expanded our role to support state level community services including California Wild Fire.


Regional High Risk Infant Follow-Up Clinic:  We believe in giving back to the patients and families we serve in the Central Valley of California. We have donated $300.00 for the clinic to purchase developmentally appropriate toys for the post-NICU graduates who have made great strides in terms of their growth and developmental milestones.


March of Dimes: Our chapter goal each year is to participate in the March for Babies. Team t-shirts were designed in the concept of “Group March with a Dog for good cause” emblazoned on the back of the t-shirt honoring our preemies.  Thank you CCANN member, Coralee Agnas, for the contribution of the T-shirt design. We included our own chapter logo, #March for Babies logo, and #neonursesandfriends on the t-shirt as well.  The event was led by a new champion:  Ashton Baker. The event was a success with teams even though with the rain and unusually cold weather and fund raising for a very deserving charity that is close to our hearts. Our chapter’s team raised over $3200.00 through online donations, personal donations.  Hair–cut was led by Valerie Johnson, recycling program was led by Savath Sullivan, and shirt sales was led by Rachel Harrison.

Ronald McDonald House of the Central Valley and Terry’s House: Our mission is to provide compassionate care to children and their families during their most trying times. We donated $500.00 to the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home. It is a place where family can stay and rest while their precious ones get the best care they deserve. Terry's House of Fresno offers a place for potential families who are hospitalized for an extended period a place to stay and recharge while their loved ones heal and recuperate.  CCANN donated $300.00 to Terry’s House as well.

Marjaree Mason Center: Marjaree Mason Center of Fresno provides emergency and longer term safe housing, along with a wide variety of support services for victims of domestic violence in Fresno County.  CCANN donated $300.00 and toiletries for those who have experienced violence or the community at large.

Spirit of Giving: From time to time, there is a family or an individual that enters our lives and touches our hearts in a unique way.  We were happy to help two chosen special individuals this year that had experienced great deal of pain and hardship. We donated $1500.00 to this particular individual whose family member is going through a tough time and $1800.00 for an individual who fell severely ill unexpectedly. We were able to alleviate the adversity they are facing and made life a little bit easier for them. We fundraised through Community Coupon Books sales and Jamba Juice Card sales led by Ashton Baker, Sophia Kemp and Liz Gonzalez. We raised a total of $3300.00 to help two individuals in need. We wished them well as they face their life challenges.


Community Food Bank: Our chapter believes in sharing our blessings with the less fortunate. Fresno, California has a high ranking in food hardship and our local food bank is always on our list of community service projects to feed the hungry. This year we donated $500.00 by selling raffle tickets to help them fill the shelves. For every $10.00 we donated to the Community Food Bank, a family of four is fed for a week. In this concept, we have fed over 1,200 individuals in need.


California Wild Fire Relief Fund: The 2018 Californian wildfire season is the most destructive in state history with thousands of homes and building destroyed, multiple deaths recorded and millions of individuals and families displaced.  Our chapter participated in national fundraising to assist the victims of California Fire. A total of $ 540.00 was raised from chapter member donations and from I-Pad raffles during our annual Xmas event on December 6, 2018, at Copper River Country Club. It is a small token of our support of our own countrymen during a time of desperate need.   However, much work remains in the local rebuilding effort.

Toys for Tots: Our chapter provides toys to the less fortunate children by supporting the Toys for Tots program during the holiday month. During our Christmas party we asked members and non-members to bring unopened toys for the children as donation. Over three big boxes of toys were collected during our Annual Xmas event and they were proudly displayed under the Christmas tree at the Copper River Country Club. Thank our CCANN member for dropping the toys off to the Toys for Tots collection site.


Our NANN chapter raised over $8,640.00 in 2018 by actively participating in various service activities and donation projects for local community and individuals in need.