“Little Bundle of Joy” (The Tale of Two Joys)

What an exciting time to get together once again as the CCANN!  It was such a treat to see all the faces of peers and former peers. We caught up on our going ons, chatted about work changes, and enjoyed a wonderful meal, and listened to great speakers. Joy Alston told us of her NICU experience as a mom of a preemie, which led her to become a great NICU nurse, and the impact of that experience in her current nursing  practice. She touched on things we often take for granted, like the small things we teach parents at the bedside - helping with what may seem menial tasks, but so significant to the parents, and simply caring. All that her grown child can do now stems back to what someone did for and to her daughter as a preemie. That child was amongst us tonight. Hailey is now a beautiful, talented and healthy lady ! Great job Joy and team NICU!


We also enjoyed hearing Joy Dagarag tell us about her journey with her premature daughter Hannah, the emotional rollercoaster it has been, and how this has impacted her nursing care in the NICU. To say it’s emotional doesn’t begin to tell the whole story, from the trying times, to preterm labor onset and to the four months that Hannah stayed in the NICU. Joy told us that knowing Hannah was in the best place for NICU care gave her peace of mind. Her support from friends, family, peers, and church group helped her cope with what has been a great challenge. Hannah is now 8 years old and pretty up on her developmental milestones. Sh e ’s very sociable and loves to dance and eat! Joy’s journey has given her special insight in working with preemies ’ parents and becoming the great nurse she is today.


What a blessing to see and hear of the success stories such as Hailey ’s and Hanna h’s. The care we provide makes a huge impact on the preemies and their families. We are all very grateful to be part of such a special group of nurses that provide such unique and loving care. NICU nursing is not for everyone, but I am honored to have been part of such an elite group of professionals.


The gathering concluded after having our traditional raffles. We also collected “ Toys for Tots” as it is our  yearly tradition. The proceeds from the raffles will be donated to the Community Food Bank, totaling $2,000.00.


Lovely Leslie Williams BSN was the CCANN event Emcee . Kamela Loo NNP presented the 2021 Annual Chapter Report. Gilda Aum was presented with the CCANN Chapter Leadership award. Coralee Agnas and Angelita Co were recognized with Communication and Performance award , respectively. Vendors Prolacta & Mead Johnson were present . The luncheon was co-hosted by CCANN & Mead Johnso n. There were 45 attendees. Dr. Jimmy Lan, Dr. Vidhi Shah, Dr. Anum Ali, Dr. Radhika Narang, Dr. Naisha Choks hi and Dr. Indira Chandrasekar were in attendance .


Thanks for all the hard work that went into putting this event together CCANN!