Save the Date: CCANN 2021 Fall Conference Limit of Periviability “Periviabilty : 22 Weeks is the New 23 Week”


CCANN is excited to host our upcoming Fall Conference on October 16, 2021: “Periviabilty: 22 weeks is the new 23 weeks”.


For many decades the limit of variability had changed from 24 weeks to 23 weeks and to the newest 22 weeks. Recent advances in obstetric and neonatal
world have resulted in the survival of infants born at 22 weeks’ gestation. What is this new limit of viability mean to the obstetric, perinatal and neonatal world? What will be the change of practice based on the
new NRP? What is the survival data of periviable infants? This 2021 CCANN conference will bring new awareness to the limit of periviability and explore the concept and perception of various professionals


The proposed topics include: 


1. Clinical Management of the Periviable Infant: -Discussion to be made about strategies to help these extreme preterm infants -Discussion about the current recommendations on first intention jet ventilator, ambiguous study on epogen and caffeine, and delayed cord clamping.

2. Periviabilty: New Frontiers in Obstetrics:

3. An Ethical Dilemma: Resuscitating a 22-week Infant: -Discuss the ambiguous choices of “Resuscitate” vs “Do not Resuscitate”

4. Perinatology: Joint Counseling of Extreme Preterm Infants: -Possibility of joint periviability counseling with neonatal and maternal-fetal medicine -Compare content of joint counseling -Identify barriers of joint periviability counseling

5. Palliative Care in the Periviable Infant: -Discuss end of life care for these infants and support for families Although CCANN is unsure about whether this conference will be a live, virtual or combination of live and virtual due to the pandemic, we will keep all of you updated of upcoming conference status.


Save the date and join us!